Mental Health: the Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities speak.

Enabling NHS service co-production

A few days before the 2015 UK General Election, Navigate Organisation Ltd (a micro business committed to well being for all and truth telling about disadvantage, racism and the need for meaningful effective change) is creating the platform for an innovative dialogue about mental health in and for BAME communities.  This includes identifying how we can help guide the NHS in deploying mental health budgets to responding to BAME service user needs.

Our day time event, with breaks and lunch, recognizes that this is a systemic issue closely linked with concerns about racism and the micro-aggressions that impact service providers, communities and those in distress. 

Experts and thought leaders will feed ‘provocations’ into facilitated generative table discussions and will cover the following topics:

  • –      Defining the race and mental wellbeing agenda
  • –      The current lived experience of seeking and accessing help
  • –      ‘History is Therapy’ initiatives
  • –      Race equality standards in the NHS
  • –      What inclusive leadership for BAME service providers and professionals looks like
      The event will be held on Friday 1st May 2015 and held at the ITV studios, London.
       Please arrive at (9.30 am for a 10am start.  Event finshes at 4pm and will include breaks and a lunch time meal.  The cost of the tickets goes towards event costs, food and donations to the relevant charities.
      The Head of Diversity at ITV has very kindly provided the venue and infrastructure as part of their commitment to inclusion at reduced cost to the organisers as they recognize the importance of this discussion.

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