Development and other dirty words: The story of organisation development in Africa

Sarah Owusu and Judith Okonkwo, Practitioner Consultants in Africa 
As African Organisation Development (OD) practitioners we wish to share our story with you, and allow you to build on it in a way that helps us all explore the clear opportunity that Africa presents for OD – both in practice and learning – and to overcome some of the hurdles that we inevitably face. We will provide a space to question the relevance of OD and to define our roles.
By looking at OD in Africa we will:
•Spend time recognising what is happening in the OD field elsewhere in the world, and exploring our awareness of it.
•Expand, transform and elevate our mindsets by engaging explicitly with the purpose of OD in different cultures.
We hope to explore OD as something universally applicable and globally interconnected. As Ubuntu philosophy would say: I am because we are.
Come join us Wednesday 4 March at 4.30 in room MB257 at Aston University.

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